19-20 February 2020
Laboratori Nazionali del Sud
UTC timezone

2nd ESS ILO Strategy Workshop.

Date & Time: 19th February, 2020 - 20th February, 2020.

Location: Catania, Italy

Venue: Laboratori Nazionali del Sud

It is our pleasure to invite you to the ESS ILO Strategy Workshop in Catania on 19-20th February, 2019. 

Please register on the Indico page providing details about your travel arrangements. If you need to wait with your bookings but know you will attend the event, you can register here on Indico already now. We would however like to encourage you to arrange your travels first so that you can share your travel details when registering. This will help us with our planning. Otherwise, you can always alter your registration later, in case you need to book your travels after your registered. Thank you for your understanding!

Event-related costs

This Workshop is sponsored under BrightnESS 2 Project. As a result, The European Spallation Source as the beneficiary of the BrightnESS 2 project, will reimburse travel costs of 1 ILO per country. Other participants, such as In-Kind Field Coordinators, are kindly asked to cover their travel and accommodation costs from their own BrightnESS 2 WP 3 Budgets. Catering during the event will be complimentary. Those who qualify for reimbursement, please remember to keep original receipts and boarding passes. More information about the reimbursement procedure will be available shortly.

Booking your travel

ESS encourages all participants to fly in on Tuesday, February 18th. ESS will arrange shuttle to/from airport for ILOs if possible. Only economy flight tickets are eligible for reimbursement. We kindly ask you to share your travel details when registering on Indico so that we can coordinate shuttle services accordingly.

Booking your accommodation

We have arranged a special rate with Hotel NH in Catania which has blocked rooms for this event. The price of the hotel is €90 per night.

To reserve the hotel simply send an email to f.luppi@shougun.it and a.romeo@shougun.it with a referral code KM3NETCatania18202020. Federica and Alfio are our agents in Catania and are assisting us with the organization of the event. 

Federica and Alfio will handle your booking. Please put milos.davidovic@esss.se in cc of your emails. 


ESS will do its best to accommodate participants of the event by providing transportation to the venue. There will be organized transport from hotel to the venue of the event and back. Additionally, depending on the arrival times, ESS will work together with Federica and Alfio to organize transportation from the airport to the hotel on the night of the arrival - February 18th.

Laboratori Nazionali del Sud
Via S. Sofia, 62, 95125 Catania CT, Italy
Registration for this event is currently open.
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