The IKON meetings are a regular forum centered around the design and construction of the ESS neutron instruments and their associated support facilities. By bringing together current and future partners, the meetings aim to provide an overview on the various activities and fertilise exchange that is vital to our success. Scientists from ESS member countries currently not engaged in in-kind activities but interested in joining are encouraged to participate.

IKON20 will be a collaboration meeting for building the ESS Neutron Scattering Systems. As current circumstances in the world don't allow us to have an in person meeting we needed to make some changes to the format. We have decided to hold the meeting as an on-line meeting. More details will be released soon.


IKON19 Organizing Committee

John Crawford (STFC) Shane Kennedy
Sylvain Desert (LLB) Oliver Kirstein
Jon Elmer (STFC) Gábor László
Manuel Morgano (PSI) Beate Linnenberg
Werner Schweika (FZJ) Tina Nordqvist
Jon Taylor Nathalie de Ruette
Pascale Deen Harald Schneider
Zsuzsa Helyes Andreas Schreyer
Andrew Jackson  
There is an open survey.
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