Joint ESS ILL User Meeting

from Wednesday, 5 October 2022 (08:00) to Friday, 7 October 2022 (13:30)
Lund, Sweden

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5 Oct 2022
6 Oct 2022
7 Oct 2022
Registration (until 09:00) ()
Welcome Plenary Session (until 10:30) ()
09:00 Opening and Welcome - Helmut Schober   (Stora Salen)
09:20 ESS Facility Update - Andreas Schreyer   (Stora Salen)
09:40 ILL Facility Update - Jacques Jestin   (Stora Salen)
10:00 Molecular insights into protein - membrane interactions: endocytosis, fusion and neutrons - Nathan Zaccai   (Stora Salen)
10:30 --- Coffee Break ---
Neutrons and Current Health Challenges (until 12:30) (Stora Salen)
11:00 Structural investigation of lipid nanoparticles is key for successful mRNA delivery - Marianna Yanez Arteta   (Stora Salen)
11:30 Neutrons for structural glycobiology: lectin-carbohydrate recognition in host-pathogen interactions - Lukas Gajdos   (Stora Salen)
12:00 Neutron crystallography to uncover SARS-CoV-2 main protease function and design potent inhibitors - Andrey Kovalevsky   (Stora Salen)
12:15 Understanding the microscopic properties and drug diffusion kinetics in long-acting peptide hydrogel drug delivery implants for HIV/AIDs - Garry Laverty   (Stora Salen)
Neutrons and Current Climate Challenges (until 10:30) (Stora Salen)
09:00 Complex hydrides for energy application - Wiebke Lohstroh   (Stora Salen)
09:30 Neutron scattering studies on CO2 confined in nanoporous mate-rials: Applications to CO2 sequestration and oil recovery - Konstantinos Stefanopoulos   (Stora Salen)
10:00 In situ flow exchange experiments between macropore and soil matrix combining Neutron and X-ray tomographies - Luis Barbosa   (Stora Salen)
10:15 Investigating the physical behaviour of novel cyclic poly(lactone)s using SANS - Philip Yang   (Stora Salen)
10:30 --- Coffee Break ---
Plenary Session 2 (until 12:30) (Stora Salen)
11:00 Title to be confirmed - Magnetism and Superconductivity - Elizabeth Blackburn   (Stora Salen)
11:30 Title to be confirmed - Clathrate hydrates - Arnaud Desmedt   (Stora Salen)
12:00 Development of an Ultra Cold and Very Cold Neutron Source at the European Spallation Source - Valentina Santoro   (Stora Salen)
Diffraction for Energy and Sustainability (until 10:30) (tbc)
09:00 Quantification of operation-driven active material losses in Li-ion batteries using neutron diffraction - Anatoliy Senyshyn   (tbc)
09:30 Neutrons to understand improvement in battery performance on electrode modification - Neelima Paul   (tbc)
09:45 Free slot - to be confirmed   (tbc)
10:00 The first neutron investigation of multiple phase transitions in Prussian White - Ida Nielsen   (tbc)
10:15 Exploring phase diagrams with neutron powder diffraction - François Goutenoire   (tbc)
Fundamental and Particle Physics (until 10:30) (tbc)
09:00 Title to be confirmed - Francesc Morabal Capilla   (tbc)
09:30 Measurement of the Fierz interference term with PERKEO III - Karina Bernert   (tbc)
09:45 Diffraction enhanced experiments for particle physics - Michael Jenschel   (tbc)
10:00 The Neutron - anti-neutron oscillation (NNBAR) experiment at the ESS - Richard Wagner   (tbc)
10:15 Status of the PanEDM neutron electric dipole moment experiment - Hanno Filter   (tbc)
Imaging for Archeology and Material Science (until 10:30) (Stora Salen)
09:00 Using neutrons to explore processes in geomaterials - Stephen Hall   (Stora Salen)
09:30 Title to be confirmed - Hanna Isakson   (Stora Salen)
10:00 Title to be confirmed - Camilla Larson, Stavros Samothrakitits   (Stora Salen)
Large Scale Structures and Hard Matter (until 10:30) (tbc)
09:00 Topological non-collinear magnetism: from skyrmions to solitons - Grace Causer   (tbc)
09:30 Analysis of time-of-flight SANS data on mesoscopic crystals such as flux line lattices - Emma Campillo   (tbc)
09:45 Vortex matter transport phenomena of the IMS - Brems Xaver   (tbc)
10:00 In situ small-angle neutron scattering study of hydrogen physisorption in nanoporous carbons - Sebastian Stock   (tbc)
10:15 Neutrons used as a probe to discriminate hydrates from hydrocarbons - Sophie Bouat   (tbc)
Spectroscopy and Soft Matter (until 10:30) (tbc)
09:00 Hemoglobin S polymerization and diffusion in hemoglobin mixtures HbFxHbS(1-x) and implication to Sickle cell disease - Stephane Longville   (tbc)
09:30 Looking for plastic phases in water and ammonia ices by HP-QENS - Livia Eleonora Bove   (tbc)
09:45 Cooperative tracer chain dynamics in highly entangled polymer melts - Micheala Zamponi   (tbc)
10:00 Shining the beam on water in human cells and tissues - Maria Paula Marques   (tbc)
10:15 WASP the wide angle spin echo instrument is in user operation - Peter Falus   (tbc)
10:30 --- Coffee Break ---
Closing Plenary Session (until 12:50) (Stora Salen)
11:00 Advancing electrochemical reactor science with neutron radiography - Antoni Forner-Cuenca   (Stora Salen)
11:30 ENSA - the European Neutron Scattering Association - Henrick Rønnow   (Stora Salen)
12:00 Q and A panel   (Stora Salen)
12:30 Closing Remarks - Paul Langan   (Stora Salen)
12:30 --- Lunch Break ---
Diffraction and Applied Materials (until 15:00) (tbc)
13:30 Title: To be confirmed - Peter Hedström   (tbc)
14:00 In situ neutron diffraction investigation of grain boundary effect on degradation of Superelasticity in near equiatomic NiTi alloy - Zifan Wang   (tbc)
14:15 Standardization of industrial residual stress measurement for metallic components: diffraction and destructive techniques - Wen Cui   (tbc)
14:30 Microstructural characterization through grain orientation mapping with Laue three-dimensional neutron diffraction tomography - Stavros Samothrakitis   (tbc)
14:45 Free Slot   (tbc)
Fundamental and Particle Physics (until 15:00) (Stora Salen)
13:30 Nuclear Physics Research at ILL – an overview - Marcus Scheck   (Stora Salen)
14:00 Weak and which-way measurements in neutron interferometry - Stephan Sponar   (Stora Salen)
14:30 BeamEDM - A beam experiment to search for the neutron electric dipole moment - Anastasio Fratangelo   (Stora Salen)
14:45 BRAND – search for exotic couplings in weak interactions using the transverse electron polarization in the decay of free neutrons - Kazimierez Bodek   (Stora Salen)
Imaging and Energy Materials (until 15:00) (tbc)
13:30 Quantitative 4D neutron CT on polymer electrolyte fuel cells - Ralf Ziesche   (tbc)
14:00 Investigation of silicon-based anodes for Li-ion batteries using X-ray and Neutron 3D/4D imaging techniques - Erik Lübke   (tbc)
14:15 Phase contrast neutron imaging of solid oxide electrochemical cells - Estrid Naver   (tbc)
14:30 Magnetic bulk properties of ferromagnetic metal sheets - Alex Backs   (tbc)
14:45 Operando multimodal study of degradation and sodium storage processes in sodium-ion batteries - Domenico Battaglia   (tbc)
Large Scale Structures and the Life Sciences (until 15:00) (tbc)
13:30 Title: to be confirmed - Petri Kursula   (tbc)
14:00 The role of hydrocarbons in cyanobacterial membranes - Sophie Ayscough   (tbc)
14:15 Lipolysis of a Thin Triolein Film - Ben Humphreys   (tbc)
14:30 Multi responsive, self-healable and injectable ionic liquid based polymeric hydrogel for the treatment of breast cancer - Naved Malek   (tbc)
14:45 A clear picture of the active site of hen egg-white lysozyme from atomic resolution neutron crystallography - Joao Ramos   (tbc)
Spectroscopy and Magnetism (until 15:00) (tbc)
13:30 Topological magnon band structure of emergent Landau levels in a skyrmion lattice - Tobias Weber   (tbc)
14:00 High-resolution spectrum of fractional excitations in Ce2Sn2O7 - Romain Sibille   (tbc)
14:15 Singlet magnetism in SrTm2O4 - Abhijit Kademane   (tbc)
14:30 AI-assisted neutron spectroscopy – Log-Gaussian processes for TAS - Astrid Schneidewind   (tbc)
14:45 Magnetic structure and spin flip transition of MnSb4Te7 - Siobhan Tobin   (tbc)
15:00 --- Coffee Break and Busses to ESS ---
ESS Visit, including poster session and mingle (until 19:00) ()
12:30 --- Lunch Break ---
Plenary Session 3 (until 15:00) (Stora Salen)
13:30 Autonomous neutron experiments - Martin Boehm   (Stora Salen)
14:00 To be confirmed - Organic semi-conductors - Anne Guilbert   (Stora Salen)
14:30 Connecting protein structure and dynamics: the neutron perspective - Frank Schreiber   (Stora Salen)
15:00 --- Coffee Break ---
Diffraction and Magnetism (until 17:00) (tbc)
15:30 Exotic spin states in frustrated antiferromagnet MnSc2S4 - Oksana Zaharko   (tbc)
16:00 Randomness and frustration in a S = 1/2 square-lattice Heisenberg antiferromagnet - Ellen Fogh   (tbc)
16:15 Chiral spin liquid ground state in YBaCo3FeO7 - Werner Schweika   (tbc)
16:30 Co-existing long- and short-range magnetic order in the frustrated diamond antiferromagnet, LiYbO2 - Jennifer Graham   (tbc)
16:45 Detection of Magneto-electric Multipoles - Jian Rui Soh   (tbc)
Imaging and Engineering Materials (until 17:00) (tbc)
15:30 Applications of neutrons in planetary science - Josefin Martell   (tbc)
15:45 Characterization of triaxial deformation and hydraulic behavior of sandstones through in-situ testing with x-ray and neutron tomography - Viera Lima Fernando   (tbc)
16:00 Free slot - details tbc   (tbc)
16:15 Exploratory neutron tomography of human articular cartilage - Edvin Wrammerfors   (tbc)
16:30 Free slot - details tbc   (tbc)
16:45 Quantitative measurement of boron-10 using ToF transmission - Robert Cubitt   (tbc)
Industrial Applications of Neutrons (until 17:00) (Stora Salen)
15:30 Using neutrons to unlock the properties of commercial oil additives - Peter Dowding   (Stora Salen)
16:00 Liposomes under the influence of short-chain alcohols - Fernanda Alvarado Galindo   (Stora Salen)
16:15 Dynamic cluster formation, viscosity and diffusion in monoclonal antibody solutions - Ilaria Mosca   (Stora Salen)
16:30 Room free for dinner set up   (Stora Salen)
Large Scale Structures and Soft Matter (until 17:00) (tbc)
15:30 Small-angle scattering and neutron reflectometry investigation of ultra-soft colloids in two and three dimensions - Andrea Scotti   (tbc)
16:00 In situ neutron reflectivity studies of vertical polyelectrolyte diffusion in layer-by-layer films in aqueous solutions - Annekatrin Sill   (tbc)
16:15 Nanoscale wood-water interactions studied with small-angle neutron scattering - Paavo Pentitilä   (tbc)
16:30 Localization of dye molecules in surfactant assemblies via SANS contrast variation - Wenke Mueller   (tbc)
16:45 Nanostructure in amphiphile-based deep eutectic solvents - Iva Mansi   (tbc)
Spectroscopy and Functional Materials (until 17:00) (tbc)
15:30 Anionic exchange membranes for fuel cells: insight into ion, polymer, and water dynamics from neutron spectroscopy - Fabrizia Foglia   (tbc)
16:00 A combined experimental and computational study of oxide ion conductors - Bettina Schwaighofer   (tbc)
16:15 Endofullerenes: dynamics in confinement - CH4@C60 study - Mohamed Aouane   (tbc)
16:30 Hydrogen mobility and reactivity in MoS2 catalyst - Peter Fouquet   (tbc)
16:45 Vibrational properties of APbI3: from harmonic vibrations to a phonon liquid - Rasmus Lavén   (tbc)
Conference Dinner (until 22:00) (Stora Salen)
12:50 --- Conference Closes ---
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