16-19 October 2016
Copenhagen University
Europe/Copenhagen timezone

Data Reduction at the ILL: A Comparison Between Mantid and Lamp

17 Oct 2016, 17:00
1h 30m
Marble Hall (Copenhagen University)

Marble Hall

Copenhagen University

Thorvaldsensvej 40
Board: 10
Poster Posters


Dr. Antti Soininen (ILL)Dr. Gagik Vardanyan (ILL)Dr. Ian Bush (Tessella / ILL)Mrs. Verena Reimund (ILL)


The ILL have begun a project to phase out the use of their existing data reduction software, LAMP [1], and begin to use the Mantid Framework [2]. Some of the first work being undertaken in the Mantid adoption project is to compare the reduction output between LAMP and Mantid. In some cases, such as loading of the raw data, an identical output could be expected. In other cases it might be expected that there will be differences in the data, but where this is the case the reasons for such differences should be understood. LAMP has been in use for over 20 years at the ILL, and there are a number of differences in the workflows instrument scientists use when compared with the other facilities that use Mantid. This has led to a number of changes and additions in the Mantid software from the ILL. We will show some of these that were required to make the comparisons, and how we have kept such algorithm changes as general as possible, so they can be used by other facilities. Initial efforts Mantid integration at the ILL has been for Time-of-Flight (IN4, IN5 and IN6) and Backscattering (IN16B) spectroscopy at the ILL. In this presentation we will present some details of the work comparing the output of LAMP and Mantid for some of these instruments. We discuss some of the different approaches in use between LAMP and Mantid for various reduction routines, for example in the S(Q, ω) conversion. We will also summarise the efficiency of the efficiency of the different approaches for some of the more computationally expensive algorithms. [1] https://www.ill.eu/instruments-support/computing-for-science/cs-software/all-software/lamp/the-lamp-book/ [2] http://www.mantidproject.org/

Primary authors

Dr. Antti Soininen (ILL) Dr. Gagik Vardanyan (ILL) Dr. Ian Bush (Tessella / ILL) Mrs. Verena Reimund (ILL)

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