16-19 October 2016
Copenhagen University
Europe/Copenhagen timezone

Maximizing both user autonomy and usability in SpinWaveGenie

17 Oct 2016, 17:00
1h 30m
Marble Hall (Copenhagen University)

Marble Hall

Copenhagen University

Thorvaldsensvej 40
Board: 40
Poster Posters


Dr. Steven Hahn (Oak Ridge National Laboratory)


Software applications make choices that balance offering simplicity for novice users with maintaining sufficient flexibility for advanced use cases. SpinWaveGenie, a library of reusable building blocks for performing linear spin wave calculations, derives its customizability from having users write small programs directly calling these classes. In this poster, I will discuss how we have lowered technical barriers that might discourage new users. SpinWaveGenie exports a CMake target, reducing the build script for user code to just a few lines. The recent addition of python bindings improves usability by further simplifying the edit, build, debug cycle. User autonomy is similarly enhanced by integrating SpinWaveGenie with a large ecosystem of open-source scientific software. This research used resources at the High Flux Isotope Reactor and Spallation Neutron Source, a DOE Office of Science User Facility operated by the Oak Ridge National Laboratory.

Primary author

Dr. Steven Hahn (Oak Ridge National Laboratory)

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