16-19 October 2016
Copenhagen University
Europe/Copenhagen timezone

Karabo, the Control and Analysis System for the European XFEL

17 Oct 2016, 17:00
1h 30m
Marble Hall (Copenhagen University)

Marble Hall

Copenhagen University

Thorvaldsensvej 40
Board: 23
Poster Posters


Dr. Sandor Brockhauser (EuXFEL)


The European XFEL is a 3.4 km long X-ray Free Electron Laser in its final construction and commissioning phase in Hamburg. It will produce spatially coherent X-rays in the energy range between 0.25 keV and 25 keV. The machine will deliver 10 trains/s, consisting of up to 2700 pulses/trains at 4.5MHz repetition rate. In 2015 a first electron beam was produced in the RF-photo-injector and the commissioning of consecutive sections are ongoing. A huge number and variety of devices for the accelerator, beamlines, experiments, cryogenic and facility systems needs to be controlled together. Data acquisition requires a precise timing and synchronisation system. Fast feedbacks from front-ends, the DAQs and online analysis system must be seamlessly integrated and provided for the accelerator and the initial 6 experimental stations. An overview of the XFEL control system, Karabo is presented.

Primary author


Dr. Alessandro Silenzi (EuXFEL) Dr. Andrea Parenti (EuXFEL) Dr. Burkhard Heisen (EuXFEL) Dr. Christopehr Youngman (EuXFEL) Dr. Dennis Goeris (EuXFEL) Mr. Gabriele Giambartolomei (EuXFEL) Dr. Gero Flucke (EuXFEL) Mr. John Wiggins (EuXFEL) Mrs. Kerstin Weger (EuXFEL) Dr. Marc Messerschmidt (EuXFEL) Dr. Martin Teichmann (EuXFEL) Mr. Sergey Esenov (EuXFEL) Dr. Steffen Hauf (EuXFEL)

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