8-9 November 2016
European Spallation Source ERIC
Europe/Stockholm timezone
The European Spallation Source ERIC (ESS) and Uppsala University are organizing an International Workshop on Upgrading Existing High Power Proton Linacs to be held in the Tänkartanken Seminar Room at the premise of ESS at Tunavägen 24, Lund, Sweden 8-9 November 2016. The workshop will address the possibilities and limitations for further increasing the power of existing linear accelerators. Increasing the strength of the accelerating field or increasing the pulse current will increase both the instantaneous and average beam power. Increasing the instantaneous power only may be done by using an accumulator ring to compress the pulses which requires the acceleration of H- ions in the linac. The need to accelerate H- ions might in the longer term be alleviated by using a Fixed-Field Alternating Gradient Accelerator (FFAG) ring as accumulator ring. Increasing the average power only can be made by by increasing the pulse repetition rate or increasing the pulse length. The workshop will consist of the following four half-day sessions: 1. Pulse compressor rings Session chair: Elena Wildner CERN, elena.wildner@cern.ch 2. Increasing the accelerating field strength, the pulse current or the beam energy Session chair: Frank Gerigk CERN, frank.gerigk@cern.ch 3. H- sources and H- acceleration in proton linacs Session chair: Alessandra Lombardi CERN, alessandra.lombardi@cern.ch 4. Increasing the pulse repetition rate or the pulse length Session chair: Mark Middendorf SNS, middendorfme@ornl.gov There will be invited and contributed talks and ample time for discussions. Registration for participation in the workshop is free and open till 15 October 2016. Applications to give a contributed talk of 15(talk) +10 (discussion) minutes at the workshop, containing the title and a brief abstract of the talk, should be emailed to the appropriate session convener (see above) by latest 15 October. Members of the International Program Advisory Committe: Hamid Aït Abderrahim (MYRRAH), Sébastien Bousson (IPN Orsay), John Galambos (SNS), Frank Gerigk (CERN), Lars Groening (GSI), Kazuo Hasegawa (J-PARC), Stuart Henderson (ANL), Erk Jensen (CERN), Mats Lindroos (ESS), Alessandra Lombardi (CERN), Alban Mosnier (CEA), Maurizio Vretenar (CERN), Frank Zimmermann (CERN) Members of the Local Organizing Committee: Tord Ekelof (FREIA, Uppsala), co-chair, Mohammad Eshraqi (ESS, Lund), co-chair, Yngve Levinsen (ESS, Lund), Roger Ruber (FREIA, Uppsala), Caroline Prabert (ESS, Lund), Inga Tejedor (ESS, Lund), Elena Wildner (CERN, Geneva)
European Spallation Source ERIC
Tunavägen 24, Lund, Sweden
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