from Sunday, 16 October 2016 (14:00) to Wednesday, 19 October 2016 (18:00)
Copenhagen University (Marble Hall)

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16 Oct 2016
17 Oct 2016
18 Oct 2016
19 Oct 2016
08:00 --- Registration ---
Welcome Session (until 10:30) (Marble Hall)
09:00 Welcome Addresses - Prof. Kell Mortensen (Niels Bohr Institute, University of Copenhagen) Tobias Richter (European Spallation Source ERIC) Dr. Peter Peterson (Oak Ridge National Laboratory)   (Marble Hall)
09:30 Software Development for Movie Production and Rocket Science - Dr. Ken Museth (DreamWorks & SpaceX)   (Marble Hall)
10:30 --- Coffee ---
Contributions 1 (until 12:35) (Marble Hall)
10:50 Addressing the Challenges of implementing the ESRF Data Policy - Andy Gotz (ESRF)   (Marble Hall)
11:10 The growth of the ICAT family - Dr. Stephen M Fisher (RAL - STFC)   (Marble Hall)
11:30 Building a Prototype Data Analysis as a Service : the STFC experience - Mr. Frazer Barnsley (STFC)   (Marble Hall)
11:50 Image Data Management System (IDMS) - Dr. Martin Rehr (Niels Bohr Institute, University of Copenhagen)   (Marble Hall)
12:10 Scientific data lifecycle at Elettra-Sincrotrone Trieste - Mr. Milan Prica (Elettra)   (Marble Hall)
12:30 High-Performance XPCS Data Reduction using Virtualized Computing Resources - Mr. Nicholas Schwarz (Argonne National Laboratory)   (Marble Hall)
Keynote Tuesday (until 10:10) (Marble Hall)
08:30 Seven Secrets of Maintainable Codebases - Mr. Adam Tornhill (Empear AB)   (Marble Hall)
09:30 Publishing is not enough - Dr. Thomas Proffen (Oak Ridge National Laboratory)   (Marble Hall)
09:50 The ILL Joins the Mantid Project - Dr. Ian Bush (Tessella / ILL)   (Marble Hall)
10:10 --- Coffee ---
Contributions 4 (until 12:20) (Marble Hall)
10:40 MXCuBE 3 web application, on the way to next generation experiment control - Dr. Mikel Eguiraun (Maxlab)   (Marble Hall)
11:00 SwissFEL Beam Synchronous Data Acquisition - A Sneak peek under the hood - Mr. Simon Gregor Ebner (Paul Scherrer Institute)   (Marble Hall)
11:20 Integration of fast detectors into beamline controls at the GM/CA macromolecular crystallography beamlines at the Advanced Photon Source - Dr. Sergey Stepanov (Advanced Photon Source, Argonne National Laboratory, Argonne, IL, USA)   (Marble Hall)
11:40 IBEX - the new EPICS based Instrument Control System at the ISIS Pulsed Neutron and Muon Source - Dr. Frederick Akeroyd (STFC)   (Marble Hall)
12:00 Programs and techniques based on ROOT package for acquisition and sorting of the list mode data of the neutron detectors - Dr. Elena Litvinenko (JINR)   (Marble Hall)
Keynote Wednesday (until 10:00) (Marble Hall)
08:30 The Small Potato Collider (or how to solve a multidisciplinary problem using a modular camera) - Dr. Ricardo Ribalda Delgado (Qtechnology A/S)   (Marble Hall)
09:30 Social sourdough - Twitter as an experiment control user interface - Michael Wedel (European Spallation Source ERIC)   (Marble Hall)
09:50 Safety systems at the SAFARI-1 Neutron Diffraction Facility - Mr. Deon Marais (Necsa SOC Limited)   (Marble Hall)
09:55 The State of NeXus - Tobias Richter (European Spallation Source ERIC)   (Marble Hall)
10:00 --- Coffee ---
Contributions and Conference Closing (until 12:00) (Marble Hall)
10:30 Community Driven Scientific Software Projects: Lessons Learned on Tools and Practices - Mr. Carlos Pascual-Izarra (Alba Synchrotron)   (Marble Hall)
10:50 Communicating within a Distributed Team - Dr. Peter Peterson (Oak Ridge National Laboratory)   (Marble Hall)
11:10 Test Driven GUI Development - Raquel Alvarez (ISIS, STFC)   (Marble Hall)
11:30 Plankton: A Stateful Device Simulation Framework - Mr. Michael Hart (STFC)   (Marble Hall)
11:35 ESS Event Data Streaming - Dr. Matthew Jones (STFC, Tessella)   (Marble Hall)
11:40 Virtual Large Facility for Experiment-based Structural Biologists - Dr. Shirley Crompton (Science and Technology Facilities Council)   (Marble Hall)
11:45 Conference Close   (Marble Hall)
14:15 --- Social Event ---
17:00 --- Welcome Reception ---
12:35 --- Lunch ---
Contributions 2 (until 15:05) (Marble Hall)
13:30 Towards Holistic Data Processing for the User - Dr. Garrett Granroth (Oak Ridge National Laboratory)   (Marble Hall)
13:50 Savu: Tomography reconstruction and processing pipeline. - Dr. Nicola Wadeson (Diamond Light Source UK)   (Marble Hall)
14:10 BDAE: Easy Parallel Scientific Data Analysis - Prof. Brian Vinter (Niels Bohr Institute, University of Copenhagen)   (Marble Hall)
14:30 ESS View on SasView: Small Angle Scattering data analysis within the SINE2020 project - Dr. Wojciech Potrzebowski (European Spallation Source ERIC, Data Management and Software Center)   (Marble Hall)
14:50 Data Processing With DAWN at the Diamond Light Source - Dr. Jacob Filik (Diamond Light Source)   (Marble Hall)
14:55 Portable Parallelization with the Bohrium Runtime System - Mads Kristensen (Niels Bohr Institute, UCPH)   (Marble Hall)
15:00 Virtual NanoLab, an open and commercial graphical user interface for scientific simulation and analysis - Dr. Jess Wellendorff (QuantumWise A/S)   (Marble Hall)
15:05 --- Coffee ---
Contributions 3 (until 16:50) (Marble Hall)
15:30 SIMEX: Simulation of Experiments at Advanced Laser Light Sources - Dr. Carsten Fortmann-Grote (European XFEL GmbH, Schenefeld, Germany)   (Marble Hall)
15:50 Integrating software: SASview, McStas and Mantid for powerful virtual SANS experiments - Mr. Peter Willendrup (DTU Physics)   (Marble Hall)
16:10 Using Docker containers for photon experiment simulations in HPC environments - Sergey Yakubov (DESY)   (Marble Hall)
16:30 Advanced Visualization Capabilities for Neutron Scattering Data - Steven Hahn (Oak Ridge National Laboratory)   (Marble Hall)
16:50 --- Group Photo ---
Posters (until 18:30) (Marble Hall)
17:00 "Manyo-Lib" Object-Oriented Data Analysis Framework for Neutron Scattering - Dr. Jiro Suzuki (KEK, J-PARC)   (Marble Hall)
17:00 "Pixelator" Instrument Control and Data Acquisition System for Scanning Spectro-Microscopy - Dr. Benjamin Watts (Paul Scherrer Institute)   (Marble Hall)
17:00 A New Design for Live Neutron Event Data Visualisation for ISIS and ESS - Dr. Frederick Akeroyd (STFC) Matthew Jones (ISIS/RAL)   (Marble Hall)
17:00 A new paradigm for data analysis workflows - Dr. Stephen King (ISIS Pulsed Neutron and Muon Source)   (Marble Hall)
17:00 A novel computational method for X-ray fluorescence data and its deployment in the workflow of a synchrotron beamline - Dr. Georgios Kourousias (Elettra - Sincrotrone Trieste) Mr. Roberto Borghes (Elettra Sincrotrone Trieste)   (Marble Hall)
17:00 Automated Pair-Distribution Function Data Processing - Dr. Timothy Spain (Diamond Light Source Ltd.)   (Marble Hall)
17:00 Automatic Neutron Radiography detector focussing and field of view adjustment using image processing algorithms - Mr. Evens Moraba (Necsa SOC Limited)   (Marble Hall)
17:00 Chopper Control at the ISIS Pulsed Neutron and Muon Source - Mr. David Keymer (STFC)   (Marble Hall)
17:00 Comparing local minimizers for fitting neutron and muon data with the Mantid framework - Dr. Anders Markvardsen (ISIS neutron & muon source, STFC)   (Marble Hall)
17:00 Data analysis platform in support of a Cryo-Electron Microscopy facility - Mr. Kevin Savage (Diamond Light Source)   (Marble Hall)
17:00 Data management system of China Spallation Neutron Source - Mr. Ming Tang (Institute of High Energy Physics)   (Marble Hall)
17:00 Data Reduction and Simulation for Novel Detector Geometries in Mantid - Mr. Lamar Moore (STFC/ISIS)   (Marble Hall)
17:00 Data Reduction at the ILL: A Comparison Between Mantid and Lamp - Mrs. Verena Reimund (ILL) Dr. Ian Bush (Tessella / ILL) Dr. Antti Soininen (ILL) Dr. Gagik Vardanyan (ILL)   (Marble Hall)
17:00 Development of a new integrated and streamlined data process at HFIR Bio-SANS - Dr. Shelly Ren (ORNL)   (Marble Hall)
17:00 Development, testing and deployment of the ESS data aggregation and streaming software - Afonso Mukai (European Spallation Source ERIC)   (Marble Hall)
17:00 Electronic Notebook for Neutron Scattering Experiments - Mr. David Mannicke (ANSTO)   (Marble Hall)
17:00 EPICS Qt GUI Based Applications at the Australian Synchrotron - Mr. Paul Martin (Australian Synchrotron)   (Marble Hall)
17:00 Event classification and performance diagnostics software for GEM neutron detectors - Martin Shetty (European Spallation Source ERIC)   (Marble Hall)
17:00 Event Processing Neutron Powder Diffraction Data with Mantid - Dr. Peter Peterson (Oak Ridge National Laboratory)   (Marble Hall)
17:00 From the Dream to Reality: MX at NSLS2 System Administrator Point of View. - Leonid Flaks (Brookhaven National Laboratory)   (Marble Hall)
17:00 Graphical user interface and experiment control software at the MX beamlines at EMBL Hamburg - Dr. Ivars Karpics (EMBL Hamburg)   (Marble Hall)
17:00 Improved integration volumes for single crystal diffraction - Vickie Lynch (Oak Ridge National Laboratory)   (Marble Hall)
17:00 IROHA2: Standard instrument control software framework in MLF, J-PARC - Dr. Takeshi Nakatani (J-PARC)   (Marble Hall)
17:00 Karabo, the Control and Analysis System for the European XFEL - Dr. Sandor Brockhauser (EuXFEL)   (Marble Hall)
17:00 Latest results and features with McXtrace 1.3 - Dr. Erik Knudsen (DTU Physics)   (Marble Hall)
17:00 Maximizing both user autonomy and usability in SpinWaveGenie - Dr. Steven Hahn (Oak Ridge National Laboratory)   (Marble Hall)
17:00 New developments in the McStas neutron Monte Carlo ray-tracing package - Mr. Peter Willendrup (DTU Physics)   (Marble Hall)
17:00 On-Axis-View: a GUI library to enhance the sample environment control. - Guifré Cuní (CELLS-ALBA)   (Marble Hall)
17:00 Prototype of real-time data analysis at the European Spallation Source - Céline Durniak (European Spallation Source ERIC)   (Marble Hall)
17:00 Python useful features for programming experiment control systems - Dr. Andrey Kirilov (FLNP of JINR)   (Marble Hall)
17:00 Recent Progress in the Development of MLF EXP-DB in J-PARC/MLF - Mr. Kentaro Moriyama (Comprehensive Research Organization for Science and Society)   (Marble Hall)
17:00 RSMap3D: Reciprocal-Space Mapping Software - Mr. Nicholas Schwarz (Argonne National Laboratory)   (Marble Hall)
17:00 Sample positioning on a diffraction beamline using artificial neural networks - Mr. Deon Marais (Necsa SOC Limited)   (Marble Hall)
17:00 SANS Data Reduction Redesign - Dr. Anton Piccardo-Selg (Tessella, ISIS)   (Marble Hall)
17:00 Simulating ideal mosaic and/or deformed single-crystal in arbitrary geometry in Geant4 - Dr. Xiao Xiao Cai (ESS/DTU)   (Marble Hall)
17:00 The Design of Distributed data processing at CSNS - Dr. Rong Du (China Spallation Neutron Source, Institute of High Energy Physics)   (Marble Hall)
17:00 The silx toolkit - Dr. V. Armando SOLE (ESRF)   (Marble Hall)
17:00 The unified software package Sonix+. Analysis of development experience - Dr. Andrey Kirilov (FLNP of JINR)   (Marble Hall)
17:00 The WebSonix service for remote instrument monitoring: current state and future plans - Mr. Ivan Morkovnikov (JINR)   (Marble Hall)
17:00 Update on neutron imaging functionality in Mantid - Dr. Nicholas Draper (Tessella)   (Marble Hall)
17:00 Upgrading RITA2 instrument with 0MQ streaming - Dr. Michele Brambilla (Paul Scherrer Institut)   (Marble Hall)
17:00 Using Behavior Driven Development Tools for System Testing - Dr. Mark Koennecke (Paul Scherrer Institute)   (Marble Hall)
17:00 Using Docker to Provide Consistent Environments in Development, Testing and Production - Mr. Peter Parker (ORNL)   (Marble Hall)
17:00 Utsusemi and software applications for the utilization of event-recording data at MLF, J-PARC - Dr. Yasuhiro Inamura (Japan Atomic Energy Agency, J-PARC)   (Marble Hall)
17:00 Virtual Instrument Redesign - Mr. Owen Arnold (ISIS)   (Marble Hall)
17:00 Virtual Research Management Plans at ELI Sites - Lajos Schrettner (ELI-ALPS) Tamás Gaizer (ELI-ALPS)   (Marble Hall)
17:00 VirtuES - Combining Computation with High Throughput Experiments - Dr. Stuart Campbell (Oak Ridge National Laboratory)   (Marble Hall)
17:00 WebGL for MX - real and reciprocal space density in a web interface. - Mr. Marcin Wojdyr (CCP4 & Diamond Light Source)   (Marble Hall)
12:20 --- Lunch ---
Contributions 5 (until 15:30) (Marble Hall)
13:30 Data Analysis & Management System for China Spallation Neutron Source - Dr. JUNRONG ZHANG (Institute of High Energy Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences)   (Marble Hall)
13:50 Web Data Analysis at the Spallation Neutron Source - Dr. Ricardo Ferraz Leal (SNS)   (Marble Hall)
14:10 Advances in High-Performance Data Analysis & Data Management at the APS - Mr. Nicholas Schwarz (Argonne National Laboratory)   (Marble Hall)
14:30 Data Analysis Infrastructure for Diamond Light Source Macromolecular & Chemical Crystallography - Dr. Markus Gerstel (Diamond Light Source Ltd)   (Marble Hall)
14:50 Trust and Identity: an implementation of Moonshot and the vision of transparent interworking - Dr. Bill Pulford (Dimaond Light Source)   (Marble Hall)
15:10 Recent Developments in the ICAT Job Portal - Dr. Brian Ritchie (RAL - STFC)   (Marble Hall)
15:30 --- Coffee ---
Contributions 6 (until 17:20) (Marble Hall)
16:00 DonkiOrchestra: a scalable system for data collection and experiment management based on ZeroMQ distributed messaging - Mr. Roberto Borghes (Elettra Sincrotrone Trieste)   (Marble Hall)
16:20 Multi Sample Workflow - Mr. David Mannicke (ANSTO)   (Marble Hall)
16:40 Generic Mapping Scans at Diamond Light Source - Dr. Mark Basham (Diamond Light Source)   (Marble Hall)
17:00 Data acquisition and analysis software at the Swiss Light Source macromolecular crystallography beamlines - Dr. Justyna Aleksandra Wojdyla (Paul Scherrer Institut)   (Marble Hall)
19:30 --- Conference Dinner ---
12:00 --- Busses to Lund ---
MAX IV and ESS site tours (until 16:00) (ESS and MAX IV)
16:00 --- Busses back to the Airport and Copenhagen ---
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